Письмо относится к тому времени, когда Анна была фрейлиной при дворе Маргариты Австрийской, регента Нидерландов. Анна делает успехи во французском языке и, согласно ее словам, это письмо полностью сочинено ей самой, а не только написано ее рукой, в отличие от предыдущих. Здесь представлен перевод письма с французского на английский.


I understand by your letter that you wish that I shall be of all virtuous repute when I come to Court and you inform me that the Queen will take the trouble to converse with me, which rejoices me greatly to think of talking with a person so wise and virtuous. This will make me have greater desire to continue to speak French well and also spell, especially because you have so recommended me to do so, and with my own hand I inform you that I will observe it the best I can. Sir, I beg you to excuse me if my letter is badly written, for I assure you that the spelling is from my own understanding alone, whereas the others were only written by my hand, and Semmonet tells me the letter will wait unless I do it myself, for fear that it shall not be known unless I write to you, and I pray you that in the light of what you see you will not feel free to part from the will which you say you have to help me. For it seems that you are sure where you can, if you please, make me a declaration of your word and on my part be certain that there shall be neither nor ingratitude which might check or efface my affection, which is determined to as much unless it shall please you to order me, and I promise you that my love is based on such great firmness that it will grow less, and I will make an end to my after having commended myself right and humbly to your good grace.

Written at five o’clock by
Your very humble and obedient daughter,
Anna de Boullan