Кэтрин Говард была не так хорошо образована, как другие жены Генриха VIII. Но для того времени даже ее скромные навыки были редкостью. Это письмо достаточно компрометирует ее, как она сама намекает в последних строчках. Здесь оно представлено с оригинальными ошибками…
Это единственное сохранившееся письмо Кэтрин. Оно было написано через 8 месяцев после ее свадьбы с Генрихом, и, как это не прискорбно, служит неопровержимым доказательством ее любви к Томасу Калпеперу…

Master Culpeper,

I heartily recommend me unto you, praying you to send me word how that you do. It was showed me that you was sick, the which thing troubled me very much till such time that I hear from you praying you to send me word how that you do, for I never longed so much for a thing as I do to see you and to speak with you, the which I trust shall be shortly now. That which doth comfortly me very much when I think of it, and when I think again that you shall depart from me again it makes my heart die to think what fortune I have that I cannot be always in your company. It my trust is always in you that you will be as you have promised me, and in that hope I trust upon still, praying you that you will come when my Lady Rochford is here for then I shall be best at leisure to be at your commandment, thanking you for that you have promised me to be so good unto that poor fellow my man which is one of the griefs that I do feel to depart from him for then I do know no one that I dare trust to send to you, and therefore I pray you take him to be with you that I may sometime hear from you one thing. I pray you to give me a horse for my man for I had much ado to get one and therefore I pray send me one by him and in so doing I am as I said afor, and thus I take my leave of you, trusting to see you shortly again and I would you was with me now that you might see what pain I take in writing to you.

Yours as long as life endures,

P.SOne thing I had forgotten and that is to instruct my man to tarry here with me still for he says whatsomever you bid him he will do it.